CDM-Type LTCC Chip Delay Line

The CDM-type Delay Line is an LTCC (Low-Temperature, Co-fired Ceramic) chip Delay Line. By removing one (1) line from the CDKD-type differential Delay Line, we have been able to accommodate a very compact overall area of only 5mm x 2.5mm. In addition, we have described a CDM/CDKD common land pattern on which the CDM-type should be mounted for delay times within a 3ns delay range, and on which the CDKD-type should be mounted as a single-ended Delay Line, with the 2 differential lines connected in series (CDKD 2-line connection), for delay times over 3ns. We provide a 0.1~10ns delay range using a CDM/CDKD common land pattern. It is a RoHS-compliant component.

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Common Specifications
CDM Product Specifications
Characteristics of CDKD 2-Line Connection on land pattern #2 (For reference only.)
Package Dimensions & Pin Configuration
CDM-Type Tape and Reel specifications

Packaging of components can be in Tape and Reel for convenience of shipping and storage. The package is embossed with cover tape and contains 500pcs per reel, as shown below. The reel is marked with supplier name, part number, quantities, and lot number.

Suggested Land Pattern
Reflow Soldering Conditions

Storage conditions are as per MSL1. These component families are not moisture-sensitive. Baking prior to reflow is not required.

Typical Applications

r: Signal Source Impedance
Rin: Input Adjustment Resistance
Zo: Characteristic Impedance of Internal
   Elements (=Output Impedance)
Ro:Internal Adjustment Resistance (=Zo)
Ro should be adjusted to a value near Zo.

(1) Analog circuit
(2) PECL
Output Waveforms
RoHS Compliance Status

Initially developed only as a RoHS-compliant component.