FDG-Type Low-cost Mid-speed SIP Fixed Delay Lines

Based on ELMEC's expertise in producing High-speed Delay Lines, the FDG-type mid-speed SIP Fixed Delay Line reduces the number of internal elements by 1/3 to 1/2.
By reducing the number of elements, the Passband will narrow by approx 1/2 compared to the FDC/FDD-types, however, it is also possible to make a comparable reduction in price. If your clock adjustment is within 1/2 of a cycle, the FDG-type should suffice for your needs. It is a RoHS-compliant component. The terminals are Nickel with a Tin plating.

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Common Specifications
Package Dimensions & Pin Configuration
Soldering Conditions

Flow Solder 260°C, under 10 seconds
Soldering Iron 350°C, under 5 seconds

Product Specifications
Typical Applications

r: Signal Source Impedance
Rin: Input Adjustment Resistance
Zo: Characteristic Impedance

(1) Analog circuit
(2) ECL (-2V termination line used)
(3) ECL (-2V termination line not used)(PECL)
Output Waveforms
RoHS Compliance Status

1. Compliance Status
Initially developed only as a RoHS-compliant component.
2. Terminal Plating
Base: 100% Ni
External: 100% Sn